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What is EFT

EFT is based on clear, explicit ways to understand relationship distress and adult love that is supported by extensive research on love, attachment, neurobiology, and romantic bonds.  This model is collaborative and respectful of clients. It is a combination of humanistic (client-centered), experiential, and systemic techniques and interventions. The change process has been mapped into three stages and nine steps.  EFT has also been applied to different kinds of problems (for example, individuals, families, trauma, addiction, etc.) and populations. It is currently being expanded to effectively treat individuals and families.


Once a series of structured sessions take place, the overall results of the EFT approach are impressive. According to the EFT website, 70-75% of couples transition from a period of “distress” to “recovery” and 90% of couples show significant improvements in their relationships.

You may be wondering whether you and your significant other would be potential candidates for the EFT therapeutic model. The answer would be a resounding, “Yes” if you have experienced any of the following in your relationship:

  • Infidelity

  • Combativeness

  • Resentfulness

  • Lying

  • Distrust

  • Emotional disconnect

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